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Affected by raw materials, costs, competition and other factors, the footwear industry in Guangdong has entered the throes of transformation and upgrading. Known as "China's women's shoes production base," said Guangdong Huidong more than 6000 shoe-making enterprises are holding together massive inroads into the field of e-commerce, exploring the road to a successful transformation. affected by raw materials, costs, competition and other factors, Guangdong footwear industry entered the throes of transformation and upgrading. Known as "China's women's shoes production base," said Guangdong Huidong more than 6000 shoe-making enterprises are holding together massive inroads into the field of e-commerce, exploring the road to a successful transformation. Huidong footwear industry after 30 years of development, formed from the raw material supply and sales through-train, women's fashion based development pattern of the shoe, in 2006 was named the national "Chinese shoes production base, there are 6380 shoe, 2013 with an annual output of 900 million pairs of shoes, the output value of 28 billion yuan. however, many shoe enterprises have been playing the role of oem. In the external economic downturn, export orders decline in the back jordan 3 katrina 2018 ground, the Huidong footwear industry suffered winter. in order to survive, shoe enterprises have set up online stores, using e-commerce to develop domestic channels. According to the Huidong electricity supplier Association statistics, as of now, Huidong has a total of more than 5000 women's shoes shop, Tmall shop more than 40. The Huidong County Daling town Vernon Seiko factory for 2 years, online sales accounted for more than 50% of total sales, the shoe in the women's single category sales ranked in the top 10, the current sales have exceeded about 80000000 yuan. in order to help the shoe enterprises to expand the international market, the local government actively organize exhibitors shoe exhibitions, this year in Italy, South Africa, Spain shoe exhibition, 2 local shoe enterprises signed 700 thousand shoes orders, turnover reached $6 million. 5, to attend the seventh session of the Huidong China shoes Cultural Festival press conference, deputy director of China Leather Association Wang Jianxin said that Huidong shoe upgrade, Huidong footwear enterprises in innovation development and marketing efforts, adjusting and optimizing the industrial structure, the introduction of new technology and new ideas. At the s Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale ame time to change the growth mode of trade, the export of footwear products from a number of LED transition to the quality, brand and benefit oriented road. Guangdong Footwear Manufacturers Association Secretary General Yang Xia believes that Huidong county should further strengthen international exchanges and integration into the international footwear industry value chain, promoting the construction of the development of regional industrial clusters and new environmental protection and energy-saving production park. She hoped that the local shoe enterprises to optimize marketing channels and ways to weaken export dependence. according to reports, will be held at the Huidong International Exhibition Center in December 28th seventh shoe culture festival, will be held during the footwear quality development forum and other series of activities. Local government also)Raf Simons in cooperation with the adidas series of footwear works by countless praise after the Belgian designer again in the autumn, continue to let their own inspiration between Hi-Fashion and wanton movement style, launched a series of Adidas Bounce standard for the creation of new transport of shoes works. This works in the sense of science and technology as the air jordan 11 space jam for sale theme, Raf Simons will be his simple and avant-garde style show the most incisive. In the multilayer structure of the upper, he joined the camouflage printing and leather material modification, and the use of 3M reflective material and colorful sole design but also for the entire series inject more fashion elements. The avant-garde art style and flavor of life with its unique shape, enough to cause all the attention of the people. The series of works has been purchased by HYPEBEAST Store. raf-simons-x-adidas-2-fall-winter-bounce-sneakers-2.jpg (64.88 KB, download number: 1) download Raf Simons x adidas Bounce autumn and winter 2014-9-26 09:09 upload raf-simons-x-adidas-3-fall-winter-bounce-sneakers-3.jpg (103.65 KB, download number: 0) download Raf Simons x adidas Bounce autumn and winter 2014-9-26 09:09 upload raf-simons-x-adidas-4-fall-winter-bounce-sneakers-4.jpg (83.06 KB, download number: 1) download Raf Simons x adidas Bounce autumn and winter 2014-9-26 09:10 upload raf-simons-x-adidas-5-fall-winter-bounce-sneakers-5.jpg (74.92 KB, download number: 2) download Raf Simons x adidas Bounce autumn and winter 2014-9-26 09:10 upload raf-simons-x-adidas-60& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Yi, Luo Wei, Harbin and other Chinese athlet cheap foamposites es show that mention Nike Chinese sports team to create competition equipment & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;? The evening of May 12, witnessed by 500 guests and the media, Nike President and CEO Mark Parker (Mark Parker) and 22 Chinese Athletic Association participating together, released The new game equipment. The event is located in the east of the Forbidden City, the Imperial Ancestral Temple was held to show the innovation performance and combining elements of traditional Chinese culture sports team competition equipment. 28 Chinese Athletic Association competition in Beijing, the Nike and where 22 works closely with the Chinese Olympic Committee and athletes together to complete the design of these products are not only the lightest, most innovative performance , the Chinese delegation will also highlight the new style. These products, including the use of lightweight Flywire technology fibers and Lunarlite foam cushioning shoes, and made of recycled polyester Nike Swift functional sportswear and other products. "We have worked closely with the athletes to help them tap their own potential, to play the best competitive level. This is the core spirit of Nike." Nike President and CEO Mark? Parker said, "released here today is that we create Cheap foamposites for sale the most outstanding products from the BMX track and field and other sports, Chinese athletes including Liu Xiang, including both bring us inspiration, inspire us to design the best and most innovative competition equipment. " Nike sportswear designed for the Chinese athletes and sports shoes inspired by traditional Chinese culture, the use of ultra lightweight technology, designed to improve product performance and design. Such as Nike Swift suit race suit and taekwondo competitions will help athletes perform their best game in Beijing. For the Chinese athletes, these competitions are the perfect combination of equipment inspired by traditional Chinese culture and Nike outstanding innovative technologies. Nike Sportswear On that day, Nike is still eight in Beijing held a series of global conferences Nike Sportswear. The new series debut Nike Sportswear Nike is rooted in a passion for sports, through innovation and technology to the classic design was modified. To celebrate the peak moment in the history of Nike design, Nike Sportswear released eight classic Product: Air Force 1, Windrunner jacket, AW77 hoodie, Dunk, Air Max 90, Eugene jackets, Cortez and NSW T-shirts element on display means comprises a series of vivid close-up movi Cheap jordans online es, these movies are by the famous designer and artist Robert? Wilson (Robert Wilson) and producer Noah? Test Xibin (Noah Khoshbin) production. They successfully Nike's design innovation, such as a sports power and Sophia? Putra (Sofia Boutella), Iwasaki into my (Shingo Iwasaki) and Chennai Nine? Vigor Sylvester (Nigel Sylvester) and other athletes transformed into futile former visual and sensory experience. As one of the contents of this publication activities, Nike officially named the product category Nike Sportswear, and this name was first introduced in 1979. "Nike Sportswear conference in an unprecedented form, so that people truly feel the power of sports and athletes." Nike's vice president of global brand Trevor? Edwards (Trevor Edwards) said. "We focus on the consumer to create this product line will be the perfect fusion of Nike sports tradition with the latest design innovations together to launch this series for us is a great opportunity." Nike Sportswear Nike is one of six major product categories. The six major product categories are expected to contribute 75% of the brand's future business development. In addition to high-end product line Nike Sportswear addition, this category also includes outdoor sports and extreme spor jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black ts products. Consumers will see Nike Sportswear part of a series of products in the next month, and the entire product line will be launched in August this year.or independent day color?!!! Or the red and blue gold combination?!!! Or the stars?!!! innovation is the collocation of rubber sole!!! Are you tired of aesthetics? New Balance's Retro running shoes many types of real love New Balance fans eyes can not only pay attention to the Tokgo several models, with classic lines of M373 is one of the absolutely loyal faction choice. Autumn and winter quarters of course there are notable examples like the soil color, brown tone version, suede, mesh and shoelaces were used on several different shades of brown and black word building, N labeling also won't have too abrupt feeling, color level quite harmonious, the color version is also relatively easy to match, the love do not miss a friend, we are on the size online store on sale?. 2012-12-10 08:34 upload and download attachments (267.95 KB) 2012-12-10 08:34 upload download attachment (238.52, KB) & nbsp; from Japan's brand of running shoes ASICs today to bring this full of Japanese anime style GEL-Kayano shoes this manga is "don't note version in originally jordans on sale mens simple and stylish classic shoes printed on in the manga often see the Katakana fonts, usually used to describe the onomatopoeia, very lively and interesting. This series has two colors, in particular, the fresh blue version is very eye-catching. Interested friends can now go to the Locker UK Foot to buy, priced at 79,99 pounds. (Editor: YOYO) NBA Air Zoom Flight Five NIKE, of course, is the best known as Jason Kidd. Today, the network news also reported that the Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was interviewed by the media said to him leaving the Knicks things still bear a grudge. This pair of shoes since 2008 into the Nike iD department, many design enthusiasts to chase after the object, it is more like an evergreen tree. Recently, Nike iD has introduced a new color and fabric for it, which makes it more selective. The new season, we may see Kidd Nicks on the PE version of the racing. Here to enjoy this pair of naughty "big eyes" the latest color SAMPLE sample bar. source: sneakernews ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; Yesterday, New Balance Connoisseur Painters color show design team for its popular M998 brand new shoes, in the critically acclaimed New Balance in the today and brought with follow u Retro jordans for sale p a victory with hot pursuit of color matching New Balance 574. Not only to show people a new look, more is to Made In USA the United States as a quality assurance, interested friends may wish to pay more attention to. new-balance-574-connoisseur-painters-2-e1413476789721.jpg (119.25 KB, download number: 2) download New Balance 574 Connoisseur Painters 2014-10-17 13:06 upload new-balance-574-connoisseur-painters-8-e1413476911631.jpg (211.53 KB, download number: 2) download New Balance 574 Connoisseur Painters 2014-10-17 13:06 upload new-balance-574-connoisseur-painters-4-e1413476822577.jpg (186.47 KB, download number: 2) download New Balance 574 Connoisseur Painters 2014-10-17 13:06 upload new-balance-574-connoisseur-painters-3-e1413476804258.jpg (125.43 KB, download number: 0) download New Balance 574 Connoisseur Painters 2014-10-17 13:06 upload new-balance-574-connoisseur-painters-6-e1413476873477.jpg (127.21 KB, download number: 2) 0Time: 2007-11-22 10:12 source: Asia Footwear Association of Asia Footwear Association: click on the Italy Bureau of Statistics said on Istat21, Italy September retail sales fell 0.2% in fall 0.6%, expected to rise 0.5% months than the year. Comprehensive foreign news reported on November 21 cheap jordans st, the Italy Statistical Bureau Istat21 said that Italy retail sales in September at an annual rate of 18 months low. Retail sales fell 0.2% in September, down 0.6% in August, up 1.4% in January, or 0.3% in the year. Economists expected for months Italy Istat21 said on the Italy Bureau of statistics, September retail sales fell 0.2% in fall 0.6%, expected to rise 0.5% months than the year. comprehensive foreign reports on November 21st, the Italy Statistical Bureau Istat21 said on September that retail sales in Italy were at an annual rate of 18 months low. retail sales fell by 0.2% in September, 0.6% in August, and 1.4% in January, up 0.3%. Economists expected for months to rise 0.5% year. large retail stores total brother-in-law month rose 0.3%, small store sales fell 1.2%. food sales fell by 0.3% in 0.3% years; non food sales fell by 0.1% in 0.9% months. retail sales in most sectors declined; sales of communications tools dropped by 2.3%, film sales by 2%, and footwear and leather by 1.2%. sales in most areas of Italy have declined, with sales in the central region down by 1.7% and the northwest by 0.1%. 07 months ago, retail sales fell by 0.2% in Italy in 9 months, and food and nonfood sales declined.air-jordan-6-low-ghost-green-seahawks-on-feet-2.jpg (126.18 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 6 Low Ghost Green on foot shot 2015-6-7 09:02 upload on the morning of 27, Haikou Industrial and Commercial Bureau Longhua branch of law enforcement officers in the area of a large shopping malls found together by the State Administration of supervision of the "free ride" cases, seized suspected counterfeit "Red Dragonfly" 154 pairs of shoes. As a result, the official opening of the Haikou industrial and commercial sector to crack down on "near the famous brand" action prelude. It is understood that the State Administration for Industry and Commerce recently specially named below, called for investigation and treatment, including counterfeit Red Dragonfly shoes, including 7 famous brands. Administration of industry and Commerce supervision "near famous brand" case Italy Red Dragonfly; Australia Montagut; Hongkong SUPOR; China Changyu; Mengniu international...... From clothing to home appliances, and then to food, electric vehicles, in recent years, "near the famous brand" phenomenon intensified. According to the "free ride" acts of unfair competition, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce decided before the end of the year in the country carried out against the "free ride" behavior of special law enforcement actions, select some typical near the famous case as with the focus, especially asked severely punished including fake Red Dragonfly shoes, 7 near the famous case. Haikou industrial and commercial investigation false "Red Dragonfly" on the basis of investigation, 27, Longhua industrial and commercial law enforcement officers came to a large shopping area inspection. In a leather shoes monopoly area, law enforcement officers found that shelves full of dazzling men and women shoes. And leather shoes price label, all show "Red Dragonfly" three big characters. On the outer packing of these shoes, there are designs of red dragonflies. In further inspection, law enforcement officers found that the leather shoes registered here as "WESLLSEW"". The registered person is a garment and shoes company of Shandong, Taishan province. law enforcement officers told reporters that "Red Dragonfly" and its related logo trademarks for the Red Dragonfly Group Co., Ltd. holds. The franchised leather shoes did not obtain the trademark authorization of Red Dragonfly Group Co., ltd.. But write "Red Dragonfly" on the price tag to mislead the consumers. Alleged infringement of another person's lawful trademark rights and interests. When law enforcement officers to the scene of the 154 pairs of shoes seized alleged trademark infringement, and for further investigation. it is reported that the Red Dragonfly Group Limited to the State Administration for Industry and Commerce complaints that some enterprises and individuals in Hongkong to "Red Dragonfly" for the name of registered enterprise name and trademark licensing, licensing production, sales and other forms of entrust mainland enterprises producing and selling, causing damage to the mistaken market confusion Red Dragonfly legitimate rights and interests of the company. At present, registered in Hongkong, "Red Dragonfly" as the name of the company up to 52. In mainland China, more than 20 enterprises have been entrusted with the production of suspected infringing products. The sale of products suspected of infringement throughout the provinces and cities throughout the country. Call for more "near the famous brand" behavior it is understood that, in the State Administration of industry and Commerce notice, named asked to investigate 7 "near famous brand" cases. Except "Red Dragonfly"This cool grey release date: January 11, 2014